My hands & fingers twitch & jump involuntarily & my hands tingle & go numb when I bend my arms. Vision gets blurred a lot also. When I walk my legs don't want to go but a few steps before they start hurting and a lot of the time when I want to swallow f

Possibly Lyme diseas. If you live in an area that has a lot of ticks, if you have had a tick bite yourself, or noticed a rash that has a clear center or a red dot in the middle then clear, then a ring, it's possible you might have lyme disease. Patients with lyme have a lot more symptoms than the few you mentioned here, but you may want to google a lyme disease questionaire and fill it out. There are other infections and conditions that can cause these symptoms too, but lyme disease is becoming more and more common. Kind regards dr. Tedde rinker.