How do I choose the right dermal filler for a neck band treatment? Lately, I have noticed that my neck bands are becoming more visible. I would like to save neck lift surgery for later. What is the best dermal filler commonly available in drugstores that

Botox. Dermal fillers won't work for neck bands. Dermal fillers are injections performed by licensed medical professionals, they are not available in drugstores. Botox can help with neck bands, but you need quite a bit. Surgery is the most definitive treatment. Http://www. Dassmd. Com/neck-lift-beverly-hills. Html.
Botox for neckbands. Neckbands are caused by overaction of the muscle platysma. It can be treated with Botox or platysmaplasty. Platysmaplasty is a surgery that tightens the muscle with sutures and it does not form neckbands any more.
No dermal fillers. This is an area that will rarely benefit from dermal fillers. Botox treats this area. Botox works on muscles causing a temporary paresis (partial paralysis), its action helps smooth out wrinkles which have formed. Neck bands are usually caused by platysmal muscle which can be weakened using botox.
Fillers. No dermal fillers should be available in drug stores. Fillers should be FDA approved product injected by an experienced surgeon. There are risks associated with injections.
Filler won't work. Fillers replace missing soft tissue or act as camouflage where there is a soft tissue depression. Lines on your neck (caused by creases in the skin) will not be easily corrected with fillers. Creases are usually addressed by removing excess skin (surgical neck lift) or use of a neurotoxin like Botox or dysport. The latter is temporary and can be costly to treat large areas (like the neck).
The. The best cream from the drug store to use is a good sunscreen - the changes in your skin are mostly due to chronic sun damage. The best treatment for these neck creases is one of the neurotoxins eg botox. If the skin is also in need of resurfacing on your neck, one of the fractionated lasers (eg fraxel) would be a great choice to smooth the skin.