What is gamma linoleic acid for can I take it for high cholestrol?

Gamma-linolenic . Gamma-linolenic acid (gla) is an omega-6 fatty acid. It is not produced by our body but is important for health. Sources of gla include borrage seed, evening primrose, spirulina (algae)and black currant seed. Studies suggest that gla may be helpful in cases of allergies, adhd, high blood pressure, diabetic neuropathy, premenstrual syndrome, certain types of arthritis, hot flashes associated with menopause and high cholesterol. The problem with many supplements is that the doses may not be standardized. Before taking any supplement, please discuss it with your doctor. Your doctor knows your medical conditions are and whether there could be reactions with any medications you take. Always ensure that your doctor or doctors; including an anesthesiologist prior to surgery; are told of all over the counter, herbals and supplements that you take. I hope this is helpful.