What can I do to gain weight? I am 5 ft. 1 in. And weigh 103. I really really want to gain more weight not to be fat but to have a better body. I asked my doctor and he said im fine the way I am. I'm just not happy with how I look. Is there any vitamins I

The . The ideal weight gain rate for a woman trying to do it healthily is a 1/2 lb to 2lb/ week which is between 2 lbs to 8 lbs a month. What is most important is how you gain the weight. A healthy diet and exercise is crucial for the development of lean muscle mass as opposed to just packing on fat. Junk food without exercise is not a good way to gain weight. Eating high calorie, but protein and nutrient rich foods such as nut butters, cheese, avocados and nuts is a good way to start. You should talk to your doctor or a dietician/ nutritionist about a healthy diet and exercise plan to gain weight in the best way possible.