My son is 9 yr. Old and weighs 118 lbs and is always hungry even rite after we eat, what can I do? He is to the point that he crys untill he goes to bed becouse we try not to let him eat after dinner.

Your . Your son is considered obese, and is at risk of early onset diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, amongst many other medical, psychological, and social issues. Polyphagia (excessive eating) can be an early sign of juvenille diabetes. Also, there are other conditions associated with polyphgia, these include diseases such as prader-willi syndrome (compulsive eating) and kleine syndrome (hyperthalmus disorder). Your child will need a complete work up by his pediatrician. Also a nutritionist and a psychologist would be a great idea as well. Your pediatrician should set up a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment plan for your son. Best of luck.