Are there ever radiation oncology clinical trials for lung cancer?

You bet! Our tax dollars support the rtog which is a goup devoted to studying radiotherapy questions. Other us "cooperative groups" also have components and sometimes specific radiotherapy questions. Punch in 1800-4cancer on the phone to see what's out there. They may even have a website now for the general public!
Sure. Many institutions have their own clinical trials and/or participate in clinical trials sponsored by the rtog, a multi-institutional conglomerate of cancer centers. Even smaller groups like our texas oncology practice in waco participate or will participate in these trials.
Many. There have been and are ongoing trials of radiation in lung cancer- these often relate to radiation doses, scheduling, steteotactic radiation, etc. Search at cancer.Gov for ongoing trials.
Yes. There are several ongoing trials involving radiation therapy for lung cancer. Check http://www.Cancer.Gov/clinicaltrials/search.
Yes. There are multiple clinical trials for lung cancer, including those involving surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and a combination of all of the above. Clinical trial may be advantageous, because they allow for cutting edge therapy. For more info: http://www.Ucdmc.Ucdavis.Edu/clinicaltrials/.
Yes; many. Please see clinicaltrials.Gov and talk to a local radiation oncology; gettig an opinion at an academic center may be good.

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Dx 8 mos ago stg4 lung cancer what is life expectancy from here dr stopped chemo not working, cancer grew spread. Clinical trial now. On o2 sob cough?

It depends. Most llung cancer pateints live for 9-12 months although some can live longer especially if the current medication(clinical trial medication) proves effective and shrinks the tumors. Read more...
Ask your doctor. Lung cancer usually shortens the life of the patient. If as you say the cancer is spreading and you've moved to an unproven clinical trial regimen, it depends on the effectiveness of the drugs and your health. Response is variable. I hope you are able to speak with your close friends and family members about your wishes for those times when you cannot speak. Sob on oxygen, that may be soon. Read more...