1 1/2 years ago I got really bad headaches and all the symptoms of meningitis. So did my 21 year old daughter no tap. Beginning of this year started with small headaches. Now I have had severe headaches stiff sore neck no fever. Had spinal tap not meningiti

Consider location. To be considered as you and your daughter had headaches Is if extended family members and/or remote in years family members have had similar headaches as migraines can be familial and come and go depending on triggers. When you and your daughter had problem initially had you traveled or been in wooded areas? An infectious consideration is Lyme disease if in these areas. Both see a neurologist.
Headaches . Headaches (and stiff neck) can have many causes and can be very tricky to diagnose and treat. If you are not experiencing relief with your current treatment, you may want to see a doctor that specializes in headaches - usually a neurologist. Ask you doctor for a referral to someone they know and trust in your area.