Do I have cancer? This is the second time that I notice when I poop there's blood coming out but I don't feel anything painful, I feel the same in my body, I feel no pain.

I. I can not tell you if you have cancer. Somethings that are positive is that this isn't a regular occurence and that you don't have other symptoms. What is the color? Is it bright red? How old are you? Have you been constipated? Have you been having loose bowel movements? Do you have any pain around your anus? Do you have a history of hemmorhoids? These are some things that your doctor might ask. I suggest that you contact your doctor. He or she can check you out to help figure out the cause. Don't jump to the conclusion that you have cancer, but do talk to your doctor.
The. The most common cause of bright red blood is likely to be a hemorrhoid. That having been said, it is important to have this evaluated and hopefully confirm this finding. Although blood in the stool may be an indication of cancer it more typically will appear dark. There are numerous other causes for blood and you should discuss this with your physician.