I have a ringworm problem hello, I've had ringworms on my body since may 2011. I had to on my arm but they both wnent away. Then a few months ago I got it on my neck, and the one on my arm came back. Now im getting them on my face. I went to the doctors a

Hello, . Hello, since your rash has been recalcitrant, I thought I would ask if you doctor has done a scraping of the lesion to look at under the microscope or if he sent a sample of it to the lab for testing. Is the doctor who has treated you a general physician or a dermatologist? Have you been to the dominican republic or other areas outside of the us since the period just prior to developing the rash? When you treated the rash with a cream, did you apply it for a least a couple of weeks? Did you extend the cream an inch beyond the visible rash? Have you cleaned your bed linens, the clothes you have worn and your towels in hot water in a washing machine? One of these things might be a clue. However, if you are a world traveler, especially to tropical areas there is a possibility that this could be a parasite, possibly one that we don't commonly see in this country.