Bright red string like thing floating in my feces. Okay. So I just did the number #2 and in my feces I noticed a bright red string like thing floating in it can this possibly mean anything? When I wiped there was a lil just a lil blood bright red but I

I . I can’t tell you for sure what the bright red string-like material in your stool is. First question, are you sure if is from your bowel movement or did bloody mucus from your period land on your bowel movement after it hit the toilet? Second, what have you been eating? Have you eaten/ drank blueberries, beets, red wine or anything with red coloring like koolaid or jello? Have you had diarrhea (which can have some mixed in blood) or have you been constipated (requiring you to push forcefully with potential for bleeding)? Have you experienced abdominal pain? The red might be due to something you ingested or it might be blood in your feces. Sometimes blood comes from hemorrhoids. If this red is caused by blood then it is probably due to bleeding lower in your gastrointestinal tract. If you were feeling sick, it could be due to a variety of conditions like ulcerative colitis crohns disease, gastroenteritis, food poisoning, or a fissure just to mention a few. The string like appearance might be due to some mucus in your stool. Some times undigested vegetable matter (ie. Celery) can look string like. Eating some foods can turn your poop red. It doesn’t sound like there is any certainty about whether the red came from your period or from your feces. Go over the list above to see if any of those things might be the reason. If you are really uncertain whether the red material was menstrual or fecal; check the next time you have a bowel movement. If you have symptoms that suggest you are ill, if you have continued red matter in your stool, or if you are worried, contact your doctor. Stay well.