Are those afflicted with ADHD classified as a 'vulnerable adult'? This is in regard to the 22 year-old grandson of a close family friend who has adhd. Two years ago, two adult men in their late 40's had asked him to move in with them. They immediately bega

Unfamiliar term. Not sure of the context of "vulnerable adult" as a specific label. Certainly, adhd that lasts into adulthood is associaated with a wide range of increased risk for bad outcomes, and certain individuals with adhd retain a social immaturity that might make it easier for others to prey upon them. However, that is far from universal and more related to immaturity than adhd per se.
I . I do not believe that your son friend’s grandson meets the definition of a vulnerable adult in the state of florida. Because he is over age 17, he is considered an adult under the statute. Florida statute section 415.102(26) defines a vulnerable adult as a person who is 18 years of age or older whose ability to perform the normal activities of daily living or to provide for his or her own care or protection is impaired due to a mental, emotional, long-term physical, or developmental disability or dysfunction, or brain damage, or the infirmities of aging. For an allegation to be founded by the department of child and family services it must also meet the criteria of abuse, neglect or exploitation. A couple examples of when this might apply would be an adult suffering from severe autism or severe mental retardation.