I am a diabetic, my toes are numb sometimes how much trouble am I in without insurance no meds for a year, byetta and glyburide is what I use to take, I have lost 51 lbs still weigh 315#, 6'4 male, 52 years old

Urgent. It is urgent that you seek medical attention right away. Being diabetic without your medication is very dangerous and you are leaving yourself open to many serious possibilities.
You . You need to seek immediate medical care right away. The numbness in your toes represents major damage to your nerves from untreated/uncontrolled diabetes. You are at risk of losing your limbs as well. Since you are without insurance, you need to seek care at your local county hospital or affiliate clinic. In addition you can search for low or no cost clinics in your area. Also remember, the longer you are dealing with untreated diabetes, the greater your risk of having a heart attack, stroke, going blind, erectile dysfunction, nerve damage, and loss of limbs as previously stated. Please take care of yourself.