Can blood clots be treated? I have blood clots, one in each leg, one in my left arm now. Dr has given me injections of exnoxaparin for the next few days I have been talke Coumadin 5 sense october when they found blood clots in me after surgery.

When . When they are very fresh--less than two weeks old--clots can often be dissolved or mechanically broken down using a variety of techniques. However, these approaches are usually contraindicated in a patient who has recently had surgery. With older clots, like yours, blood thinners like Coumadin (warfarin) are the usual approach. A patient who develops a lot of clots in multiple areas of the body needs to be evaluated for an abnormality in the clotting system. Have you been seen by a hematologist? If not, that would probably be an appropriate next step for you.
Serious. Need to figure out cause? Some blood problems-coagulopathies can exist and have clotting. Medications, surgery, cancers, sedentary life are known risks to be controlled, modified. Once found, treatment is anticoagulation while stabilizing and resorbing the thrombus, or scarring the veins. Long term process.