How sensitive will I be after a nipple reconstruction? Naturally, I just want an idea of how much sensitivity I can expect in that area after a nipple reconstruction surgery. Will being touched there feel the same is it did before my mastectomy? .

Varies, not normal. Post mastectomy breast reconstruction is still limited in this day and age to return a perfectly normal breast to a woman. Our current limited goal is to return form or shape to a reconstructed breast but we cannot return the functionality of a breast nor the normal sensation. Having said that, nature is amazing as some patients do get some feeling in their reconstructed breasts in 6-12 months.
Most . Most women experience a decrease in the overall sensation of the skin of the chest wall following mastectomy. This is because adequate removal of breast tissue necessarily involves interrupting the course of many of the nerves that give sensation to the skin of the breasts and chest. Over time, some nerve regrowth can be expected, but this does not often return to the sensation you had before surgery. Having said this, it is not usually bothersome to women in the long term, and women adjust quickly to their new level of sensation. Nipple reconstruction is most often performed using the skin of your reconstructed breasts. I compare nipple reconstruction to orgami, which creatively uses lifting, folding, and reorganizing to create a 3-dimensional structure. You can expect that the sensation in your reconstructed nipples will eventually be quite similar or slightly less than that of the surrounding skin once the healing process is complete. Reconstructed nipples can not be expected to regain the specialized sensation (erogenous sensation) that your natural nipple had, nor will the reconstructed nipple have the capacity to become erect. A reconstructed nipple that heals well will add a very natural appearance to your reconstructed breast and will make a very significant difference in your perception of your reconstructed breast. Many women have stated that the nipple reconstruction takes their perception of the reconstructed breast from "a mound of tissue" to "my breast." all the best, dr. Skourtis.
The . The sensitivity will not be the same.All you can hope for is soem type of protective sensation.Wwwbeautybybrueck.
The . The nerves to the nipple that provide traditional sensation travel through the breast tissue. Removing the breast will by necessity remove those nerves. Some remain nerves that provide sensation to the skin of the breast will remain but will provide only partial sensation. This will not feel the same as before the mastectomy.