Could I be pregnant? I'm 26 years old and I haven't had my period now for 2 months, I have had unprotected sex. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests in the last 3 weeks and they have come up negative. I'm I taking the tests to early or could there be something

As . As doctors, the first thing we do when we hear that a young, fertile woman is having a missed period or abnormal spotting, we check a pregnancy test. You can either take a home pregnancy test as long as it has been 5- 6 weeks since your last normal period, or you can go see your doctor and they can test you. A home pregnancy test is 97% accurate if taken a week or more after the missed period, so it sounds as though you have taken them at the right time. There are other reasons besides pregnancy that can cause a woman to miss a period such as: stress, diet, excessive exercise or a hormone imbalance such as with a thyroid disorder or polycystic ovarian syndrome. If you continue to have an irregular cycle, you should give your doctor or your ob/gyne a call. Good luck!
Amenorrhea . Amenorrhea (absence of period) can be due to pregnancy, yet there are many other causes. These include hormonal changes, weight fluctuations(extreme increase or decrease), stress/anxiety, birth control pills, thyroid disorders etc. You should visit your doctor for a complete evaluation and repeat pregnancy testing if deemed necessary. Take care.