I have excess skin under my penis. Ever since I was circumcised there is excess skin under my penis. I'm going to a physical in a week, and I am scared what the physician will say.

Conservative circ. Seems that surgeon left plenty or excess skin at time of circumcision. There is no reason to be scared. It does not need to be removed. XS skin should not be a problem. In fact you have been left with more penile skin which means U will have extra sensitivity which is probably a good thing. All Dr might say is you had a conservative Circ. Dr can always inform surgeon or not refers others in future.
First . First of all, i don't think there is anything to be scared about. It sounds like this excess skin may have somehow resulted from the surgery, although unusual because the purpose of the circumcision is to remove excess skin. If this is bothering you aesthetically or physically, then you need to discuss this with the doctor who performed your circumcision. You may need to have a surgical revision. This is something that may or may not be a possibility. You will have to wait for your appointment to go over this with your doctor.