My foot hurts after a gout attack I'm 25yrs old 6'2 275 last week I had a gout attack in my left big toe I've had them before so I knew what it was I started treatment for it and it started to go away but then I guess when I ate chicken 2days in a row whi

First . First of all, you need to go and see a podiatrist (foot and ankle specialist). They will need to take an x-ray of your foot to find out the extent of the damage that gouty arthritis has done to your foot. After that, you will probably be given a steroid injection into your left big toe joint. That will reduce the inflammation and pain in your foot. You will then be given some oral anti-inflammatory medications such as Colchicine and Indomethacin to try and reduce the swelling and pain even more. Long term, they'll take some blood from you to look at your uric acid level. If it is elevated, and your diet isn't doing the trick, you might need to be placed on a long-term gout medication such as uloric. You are only 25 years old and you shouldn't really be getting these gouty attacks. If you control the amount of red meat, poultry and alcoholic beverages in your diet, you will reduce the chances of getting a gouty attack.
Acute gout. Treatment requires effective med for 5-7 days and foot rest as much as possible. It is possible a chicken meal stimulated uric acid production, but more likely your toe was not far enough along in relief of crystal inflammation and some joint stress happened / bumped, stress from too much walking, etc. Yes, modify your diet with less meats, no liver, more fruit more veggie and lots of fluid. .