What would cause a sudden popping noise and bump on a arm? My daughter broke her right arm 5 years ago, the doctor put in a titanium rod. Last night she was folding clothes and heard a pop, it hurt her enough that it brought tears to her eyes, I noticed a

There . There are a few things that can cause such symptoms. One thought is whether the bone healed completely in the first place. If the bone doesn't heal around the rod, the hardware will eventually fail, no matter how solid it seems. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if the bone fully healed. Another possibility is a tendon snapping over the area and becoming inflamed. She could also have a problem unrelated to the old injury. The most important thing is to take her to the orthopaedic surgeon and get x-rays. The numbness in the fingers can indicate that a nerve is stretched or pinched. If not treated, nerve injuries can become permanent.