I want to get pregnant but as much as I try it won't work! I'm 18 and at the height of my hormones so it's kinda degrading for me! I even raise my hips to push the sperm down to my overies

I . I am not sure what you are doing to become pregnant. If you want to become pregnant, have you been taking Folic Acid to help ensure a healthy baby? You are the most fertile around the time of month that you ovulate (an egg is released). You can go on line and look under "pregnancy predictor" or "pregnancy calculator" for help with determining when you are most likely to be fertile. Using basal body temperatures can also be helpful. You are quite young, so don't fret.
Fertility . Fertility is easy for most people. Only about 10-13% of women/couples have infertility. Infertility is a frustrating problem but fortunately we are much more successful making a correct diagnosis and then applying a successful treatment. If you are 18 then you are not yet to your peak fertility (ages 25-29) but you have a great chance of succeeding. General comments about fertility potential - we believe that the fertility rate averages about 20% per cycle (month) - if we start with 100 couples and each month 20% conceive then at the end of 12 months, 92% will be pregnant. We find that about 10-13% of the population will not be pregnant after 12 months of trying. - by 24 months or 2 years, then less than 1% of normal couples would not be pregnant - fertility rates in the us are about 147/1000 women at age 25-30 and they fall to 13/1000 women by age 40. So, don't delay too long. - we define fertility as no pregnancy after 12 months and < 35 yrs old; or after 6 months and 35+ yrs old. What to do to track fertility effort (& perhaps increase efficiency) - one of the issues i find is that people often do not really know how many months they had sex at the right time. We often cannot be sure how many months there was an opportunity for conception. - monitor your menstrual cycles for length (time from start of menses to the start of the next menses) and ovulation (release of egg) - track ovulation and when you had sex. There are many web sites for apps or charts that you can fill out. - an inexpensive way to track ovulation is the BBT (basal body temperatures, http://bit.Ly/aqm4az). All you need is a thermometer and your time to collect the temperature. - the sperm live in your body for about 2-3 days (sometimes longer but for fertility purposes consider only 2 days before lower chance of conception). We usually recommend sex every other day. If the sperm count is low, then too often is a problem. If sperm count is normal then more often is fine but not really helpful to conceive, more recreational :) - ovulation kits in the drug store (http://bit.Ly/wqstpo) are also accurate but they work best if you have regular cycles and then you have a reasonable idea of when you will ovulate. - over-the-counter sperm tests may provide reasonable assurance that the sperm count is over 20 million/ml (http://bit.Ly/ydgstr). However, sperm counts are not the only issue when assessing male fertility potential. These tests do not replace a real sperm analysis but if the test suggests a low count then you should see a specialist sooner than later. What if you do not become pregnant - infertility tests - we have tests to help us understand what is causing you to not get pregnant. - if you are less than 35 yrs old and are not pregnant after 12 months or if you are 35+ yrs old and are not pregnant in 6 months; then you need to see a fertility specialist. - i believe that you need to get a diagnosis before we can even begin to have a discussion about treatment. - the wrong treatment can be costly and delay success. - you will need tests for ovulation, anatomy (uterus and tubes), egg quality and sperm quality. Infertility summary: - get tested by a fertility specialist - pick the most costs effective treatment that you can afford - the younger you are when you are treated the more likely the treatment will work - do not be afraid of ivf, if you need it then the treatment can be very successful and less expensive than other treatments and faster. I hope this brief summary helps, good luck.