How long can you go before you have to have a wound stitched? My husband fell on our counter top on made an inch and a half gash below his knee. It is not bleeding very much at all, but there is a deep gash. Not a lot of pain. Do we need to visit the ER t

2-4 days. Secondary closure can be done. Not as cosmetic as a good primary fresh closure. Some wounds will heal over a longer time without stitches but leave a wider scar. Tetanus shot should be up to date.
Since . Since you asked this question 4 days ago, i hope your husband's wound has been cared for appropriately by now! for future reference, a wound without a lot of pain or profuse bleeding should still be treated within the first 6-8 hours after injury to avoid infection. Research shows that the sooner the laceration is repaired, the less likely it is to get infected - the number one complication.