Do I have an anxiety disorder? I feel anxious a lot of the time, and sometimes it gets really bad and it gets hard to breathe. I also have a lot of headaches and nausea, and a lot of mood swings. Some of the mood swings I feel really sad or I feel happy

I . I can't tell you if you have an anxiety disorder. You need to be evaluated thoroughly to tell what is the cause of your symptoms. Here is some basic information. Anxiety can present with feeling nervous or restless; getting tired more easily; feeling irritable; problems with sleep; muscle tension (especially in the muscles surrounding the skull, as well as neck and upper back muscles); or feeling so anxious that your mind goes blank. Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder. They are usually discreet episodes that can last a few minute up to around ten minutes. They can be quite unsettling and can include symptoms like: feeling very panicked; trembling, sweating more; having difficulty breathing with more rapid breaths; chest tightness or pain; nausea or butterflies in stomach sensation; feeing dizzy; a pounding or rapid heart beat; feeling numbness or tingling in certain areas and sometimes the fear that you are going crazy or that you are dying. I do recommend that you see your talk, so that you can be evaluated. Depending on what your doctor thinks the cause is; he or she might recommend that you undergo an evaluation and possible treatment with a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a licensed clinical social worker or some other form of therapist. I wish you well.
Mood disorder too? Sounds like an anxiety disorder and you may also have a mood disorder. I would start with a consultation with a psychiatrist for an evaluation an diagnosis. If you do have a mood disorder, there is medication for that. I would recommend cognitive - behavior therapy for the anxiety and maybe medication.