What other cream can u use on a diaper rash if u don't have any diaper rash cream it is very red

Agree w early answer. For diaper rash keep baby's skin clean & dry. Change diaper as soon as it's soiled or wet. For healing allow baby to go without diaper for periods of time so affected area can air out. Avoid tight diapers or airtight covers over diaper. Meds your Dr. might recommend include antifungal cream (for fungus), a steroid cream (for significant inflammation) or an antibiotic (for bacterial infection.)
The . The simplest cream to start with would be a zinc oxide paste and frequent diaper changes. That will help reduce the irritation in the area. If that doesn't help, i would recommend a trip to your pediatrician or dermatologist to further classify the rash and prescribe appropriate treatment. I hope that helps.

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Is there anything stronger or better than 45% zinc cream for a baby's butt that is red and very sensitive and often gets diaper rash?

Maybe. If your baby's diaper rash is not responding to zinc cream, it may need a prescription from your doctor. There are several different things that can cause diaper rashes in infants. I would recommend taking the baby to see your doctor to determine if a different type of treatment is needed based on the way the rash looks and that regular diaper cream isn't helping. Read more...

My baby girl is 8 months old n she have got a real bad diaper rash on her bumps it has become red. I'm using antiseptic healing cream (sudocream).?

? yeast infection ? Any bad diaper rash can be aggravated by yeast that are part of the normal germs in the poo. Antiseptic creams will not get rid of yeast. Nystatin or other anti-yeast products are likely needed in this case.Call in for rx or get it examined & treated. Read more...

My 19 months has had small red bumps in his diaper area for almost a week, and not improved with diaper rash cream. Now he has the same on his stomach?

May be yeast/candida. A trial of antifungal cream like lotrimin af cream otc (aka 1% clotrimazole) can be used to eliminate this rash. Apply twice daily and you should see improvements over the next week. Airing the area out-allowing the area to breath will facilitate improvement. I am assuming he is otherwise healthy without fever, etc... Read more...