My hands are still cold & knuckles off & on turning a purplish blue? Why is this happening, is there something wrong with me? Never had this problem before, my body feels warm, it's just my hands. They feel like icicles, they are so cold. My knuckles have

Yes . Yes this is abnormal and needs to be checked out. You have a problem with circulation to your hands. This could be relative to small blood vessels in your hand as in certain rheumatological conditions i.E raynauds. Or you might have a problem with larger vessels though less likely. This is much less common than in the legs and less commonly involving both hands. It can also happen with abnormal pressure on larger vessels though also not common. The important point is that you should get checked out as soon as you can.
I'm . I'm just like you. My hands get cold and mottled in the cold. We all protect our core temperature (the heat of our heart, lungs, and brain) as a survival mechanism. You and i are better at it than others! it's hard to draw a line between normal and abnormal here. Never hurts to get checked, but the probability is that you are healthy.
There . There are many reason for cold hands and purple knuckles. The purplish cast of the knuckels sugggest a disturbance in circulation. What causes the circulation disturbance well thats what you want to find out. The list ranges from chronic circualtin issues due to smoking, atheroscleosis, or hardening of the arteries, hormonal or endocrine problems including diabetes, or thyroid didease. Arthritis, inflammatory disorders, neurological problems, medication, or just beng someone who tend to have cold hand and feet. The key thing is to have your general health checked out to rule out other issues but if it is new and sudden then go to see a medical provider soon.