I think I have paranoia, what should I do>? I feel like people at school are talking about me, and I feel like when I turn around they will be looking @ me and talking about me.

Hi, . Hi, dr christensen gave some great advice. I don't know if people gossip about you or not. What is certainly true is that gossiping is common with kids. Most people do get gossiped about at some point (whether the gossip is good information or not so nice). Sometimes clicks form at school and if you aren't in the click it is easy to feel left out. Paranoia is when the persons' fears have no basis in reality. I wouldn't be quick to label you. I agree with dr. Christensen. If you see a counselor at your school, that person is likely to know what things are like at your school and can give you valuable feedback. Plus, it can just be helpful to have support and to vent. Good luck with this.
It . It isn't unusual for teenagers to be excessively concerned about their personal appearance or about what other people are saying or thinking about them. (and, it usually doesn't help to mention that these concerns are groundless.) much of this anxiety stems from a person's lack of self esteem, and it's so common that it almost seems to be a normal part of development. However, this issue is clearly causing some concern for you and interfering with your quality of life, and it needs to be addressed. I think you would benefit from counseling. Your school counselor is a good place to start (he or she has probably dealt with this issue in many of your classmates). If you don't have a school counselor or you don't feel comfortable approaching this individual, see your family doctor. He/she can refer to the appropriate mental health specialist. My best to you.