Mu husband refuses to see a dentist, have an eye exam or general wellness check up. He turns 50 this year. My husband hasn't seen a dentist in years. He has chronic bad breath. He refuses to go and says it has nothing to do with fear, expense, or bad ex

I . I will only add one note to dr. Fowlers excellent answer. From an eye standpoint, there are several problems that patients will not know what's wrong. Glaucoma is a 'silent killer' of vision, and can only be detected by an exam by an eye doctor. Quick typical story from my own experience, I have 2 patients in my office who came for their first eye exam at the age of 70. "my vision is great, i only wear reading glasses." after a complete eye exam, they were both found to have great central vision, but had lost all peripheral vision to glaucoma. And the problem was that the progression was so slow, that they didn't even notice. Now it is too late, and we are struggling to save what vision they have left. This is a great example of making a lie of the old saying 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Sometimes, you just don't know that it is broken! by the way, most people (especially we men!) say that they aren't afraid, but fear is usually actually the underlying issue. Whether it is fear of finding something wrong, or fear/hatred of seeing a doctor! good luck!
I . I can understand your frustration. Here are two suggestions. Rather than "nagging", you might sit down with him and tell him how much you love him. Let him know how hard it would be if he were to die at a young age from a preventable cause. Second, since he doesn't seem to know that he could have health problems brewing that he might not feel or be aware of; you might obtain some free hand outs the next time you go to the hospital. For instance handouts about psa/ prostate health, pamphlets on how to do self - testiclar examinations etc. Third consider having him read the question that you cared enough to submit and consider having him read my response. Dear spouse of writer from taylors, south carolina, i know that most husbands are programmed to after many years of marriage, let what their wives say, go in one ear and out the other. This is one time you need to listen to your wife. She is right on this one. You may be tempted to look at my response and to say "this is from a psychiatrist?" well, i spent many years practicing medicine outside of behavioral health. Your wife is worried enough that she wrote to this cite to get ideas about how she might get you to listen. I got the impression by reading her note that she really cares about you and your health. Do you remember that old commercial about having a tiger in your tank? "you can pay me now or you can pay me later?" the same can be said for the human body. Please take care.