I am contemplating having eyelid surgery due to impaired vision. Do I contact an opthamologist first? My upper peripheral vision is greatly diminished due to my drooping eyelids. I can actually see the bottom of my eyelids. If I have this surgery, I wo

In . In order to be covered by insurance, the drooping of your eyelids must decrease your field of vision significantly. This sounds like the case for you. Ptosis surgery or upper lid blepharoplastyis commonly performed by plastic surgeons but they are not prepared to deal with some of the potential complications that can affect the eye. If it was me, i would want an oculoplastic surgeon or an opthalmologist with significant experience to correct the drooping lids.
Your . Your condition is called "ptosis". If your ptosis inteferes with your vision, then it will be covered by insurance. I recommend seeking an oculo-plastic surgeon, they have training in ophthalmology as well as plastic surgery. If you can't find one, your ophthalmologist can refer you to one or may offer to perform the surgery. Good luck.
Ideally . Ideally you want to a have a specialized ophthalmologist do this surgery known as an oculo plastic specialist.