How can I stay in my home? I must see both a psychiatrist and a social worker and work with them if I want to stay in the house I've been labled paranoid schizophrenic I also have a low I q. That my brother doesn't even know my home is paid off free and

I . I think i may have responded to a previous question about this, if so i won't repeat that information. I recommend that you prepare yourself before you go in for your court directed mental health assessment. Ensure that you know the names of your medications and your doses. You might want to make a list for yourself of the things that you do independently to take care of yourself. For instance, do you take a bath or shower most days? Do you change the clothes you wear regularly? Do you brush your teeth at least daily? How many meals do you eat a day and who makes them? Are you able to self administer your medications? Can you handle your money? The evaluator may want to know if you have been having problems with violence or with the police. The evaluator usually needs to assess things like if you are a possible danger to yourself or anyone else or if you are able to take proper care of yourself. I also suggest that you discuss your concerns with your legal counsel.
Work with them. If you work with them I am sure they will have no desire to remove you from your home. You should, however, discuss this fear with them. I have not seen this happen except in those cases where people could not care for themselves or their property because they were too physically ill. The mental health community in wisconsin strives to help people stay in their homes.