Lately when I try to go to sleep I feel like my heart is going to stop or im gonna stop breathing, like im having a heartattack is it a heart attack, or panic attack? I have had them before just sitting around the house but never when im going to sleep

You . You may be experiencing panic attacks. Panic attacks usually last ten minutes or less. Some possible symptoms which might make you think you are having a panic attack include: chest pain or chest tightness; a pounding or rapid heartbeat, rapid or difficult breathing, nausea, sweating or numbness / tingling in your lips or fingers/ toes. People often believe that they are having a heart attack during an episode of panic. Other symptoms can include feeling very afraid and / or anxious; trembling, feeling really hot or cold or feeling dizzy or faint. If a person wakes up in the middle of the night gasping for air then they might be experiencing sleep apnea. I can not diagnose you. You should see your doctor for a full medical evaluation, to ensure that these symptoms are not due to a medical condition. If you do in fact have panic attacks, there are medications which can be prescribed to help and you can also see a psychologist to learn ways to control or prevent these symptoms that do not require medications. Good luck.
Sounds like panic. It sounds more like a panic attack but you definately need a medical evaluation to rule out medical causes which are not uncommon in panic symptoms.