Went to hospital for dehydation sat, now having panic/anxiety attacks every evening, . Feel faint, . Disoriented...Sweaty palms. Arms feel heavy from forearms to finger tips...No pain anywhere...Very scary...Head feels funny can't focus. All I recieved a

I . I am not sure what the actual question is here. Have you talked to your regular doctor since your were evaluated in the emergency room? If not, i recommend that you do. Your doctor can follow up with the symptoms that continue to arise. He or she can determine if you need any further medical testing. I can not diagnose you, but the symptoms you are experiencing can happen during a panic attack, such as feeling really nervous or anxious; feeling frightened; shaking; sweating, feeling faint as well as your head feeling funny. Pounding or rapid heartbeat and chest pain or tightness can be accompanied by difficulty breathing or rapid breathing. People can experience numbness or tingling in their fingers. You may feel very odd, like you are outside of yourself or the world around you might seem unreal. The average panic attack usually lasts ten minutes or less. The problem that can occur once you start getting panic attacks is that you start focusing on the fear of getting another one. You might start to avoid people, places or things that you think triggered a panic attack. Please see your doctor to determine if any further medical evaluation is warranted. Your doctor may suggest that you see a psychologist or a psychiatrist, so that you can get help to nip your symptoms in the bud early on. Good luck.
Seek help! The symptoms you are experiencing are serious and should be addressed. It could be as simple as anxiety or further dehydration but it could be a significant medical problem as well, including thyroid problems. I would consult your doctor.