I take lyrica for anxiety/ depression/ proper energy. I have been self medicating myself with about 200 mg of lyrica for about two months because I suffer from social anxiety/ depression and it helps me to function and focus well at school unlike I have e

Self meds No=No! If you are a physician and are very familiar with the medication and it's side effects and interactions with other meds then less of a no, no but still not wise. First of all it is difficult to objectively self diagnose let alone select proper treatment and monitoring by yourself. Being informed & working with your dr. Is different than self medicating. Discuss w/ treating md asap.Labs need checked.
Lyrica (pregabalin) If current does is helping you with your depression , it is imperative that you discuss that with your prescribing doctor.
Never ok. It is never ok to self medicate. There are many factors that go into the choice of a drug used, as well as what dose to use. See a physician who can prescribe medications appropriately for you.
It . It is imperative that you tell your psychiatrist that you have been self-medicating with lyrica. Lyrica (pregabaline) is an anticonvulsant drug which is also used for anxiety. It is a schedule v controlled substance. You should not be taking prescription medications that were not prescribed for you. Do you know what medication reactions can occur if Lyrica is mixed with zoloft (sertraline) or remeron? Do you know what type of discontinuation symptoms can occur if you no longer can find a source of Lyrica and have to stop it abruptly? Do you know about the risk of developing tolerance to lyrica? Psychiatrists have studied many years to learn about medications, you I am assuming have not. It is appropriate for you to feel apprehensive about telling your doctor about your inappropriate medication use, but that is not a reason not to tell him or her. Do not wait until your next scheduled appointment. Contact your psychiatrist, so that he/ she can help with you with getting your medications squared away.