Should I take my stitches out? 16 days ago I had 10 stitches put into my hand after being cut by a razor knife. The area is now swollen, the stitches themselves are cutting into my skin and causing pain, but the cut is still gaping a little. Will it be ok

You . You need to go to the doctor. If the area around your cut is now swollen, you are in pain and wound is gapping - it is likely that you do have an infection. This is especially so if it is warm or has any drainage. Please find a way to see your doctor right away even if it will be a difficulty.
OK . Ok so its obviuos you need to see someone its also clear your stiches likely need to come out lets say there is an infection. A you need antibiotics b you need your stitches out c you need to be evaluated to make sure it isnt a deep infection that needs to be washed out lets say the stitches are just needing to come out and the skin is reacting to having them in too long a you need your stitches out b you need to make sure its not infected c you need to make sure you have healed lets say you take your own stiches out and the woukd opens up a it may be that it is healed ok but the superficial skin is just not togeter b it may open uo and reveal a tendon or a nerve that gets damaged now by drying out c it may be there is a superficial infection causing the wounjd to dehisce ( open up) so do I need to go on unless you are trained in knowing waht to look for or do no one can answer your question except to say go see someone, that is why typically after stitches you go see osmeone to take them out. No one can say its ok over the internet.