What happens if bipolar disorder is untreated for a long time?

It gets worse. The mood swings r more severe, relationships & careers r damaged the pt becomes more discouraged & more at risk 4 self harm.
Depends. It depends on the severity of the bipolar illness but often times there is a significant and clinical worsening of one's symptoms that can affect work as well as personal life. So it would be a good idea not to go off treatment for this. Not treating bipolar usually has negative consequences for the patient and loved ones involved.

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Could you tell me what happens if bipolar disorder goes untreated for a long time?

Get Evaluated. You deserve a credible comprehensive evaluation. Bipolar disorder is not a single entity and not the easiest to diagnose. Please see a board certified psychiatrist for an evaluation. Soon! Don't worry, being diagnosed and treated is way better than not. We are learning so much about this disorder that today is the best day in history to be diagnosed, tomorrow will be better. We also know that in some forms of bipolar disorder, the fluctuations in mood if they are severe, can actually cause physical brain degeneration. This is a disorder if untreated tends to get worse over the course of a persons life. If treated, most bipolar patients if compliant, can't be picked out of acrowd.