Are there any natural remedies I can use at home to help with a toothache? I have a tooth that just has kind of a dull throbbing pain, but I really don't want to go to the dentist.

Go to dentist. Pain is a warning sign. A toothache warns you that you have a problem in a tooth or teeth. So how you act depends on how much pain makes you heed the warning. You can be proactive (and smart) and see your dentist asap to resolve the issue while it is still mild, or ignore and/or mask the pain until it becomes so severe you can't do either anymore. There is no natural remedy. Heed the warning.
No. Pain is an indication of a problem and should be checked. Dental pain could be a fracture or infection and both need treatment. See a dentist.
A . A dull throbbing pain should really be seen by a dentist. It could easily be either a "gum abscess" or a "dead nerve". Either can lead to more serious problems including a spreading infection. You should know that your dental health can affect your overall health, so don't ignore this problem.
See you dentist. The best thing for you to dop is to see your dentist. A dull thobbing ache can indicate an abcessd tooth and this is somethng you don't want to wait too long. It can get worse. It will not go away by itself. See your dentist.