My 10 yr old adhd, bipolar, odd responds violently to all types of meds! I need a hospital/doc that can help find the right meds? Diagnosed at 5 with aspergers, adhd, tourettes, mood disorder, odd. Risperidone worked for a year, strattera for 6 mos., and

Dysregulatoin. Many children with an underlying dysregulated behavior pattern and 'melt down' frequently, are subject to many medications but do not respondwell. The underlying problem is problem with an excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate. None of the meds you list work on that transmitter. Speak to your trating physician about medications that are glutamate blockers. I have had great success using thm.
I . I agree completely with the past response and understand the level of frustration you have to go through to take care of your daughter, but when we are dealing with several diagnosis as well as dangerous behavior we have to weigh our options when it comes to combination of medications that can help. A second opinion with psycho-pharmacologist is a good idea in combination with other treatment modalities (behavioral plan, family therapy and educational plan).
Behavioral . Behavioral health is not an exact science. Children can be harder to figure out than adults, as often they are too young to express what is happening. Additionally, a condition like bipolar disorder can present quite differently at her age than it does in an adult. If a child has any one of those diagnoses, it is challenging for the family. She obviously has some serious conditions. Many of the psychiatric medications used for adults, have not been tested for children, which can be limiting. Children are more likely than adults to have paradoxic reactions to medications which are used to stabilize mood disorders. The truth of the matter, is that most likely she will not respond to mono-therapy and is likely to require a number of medications at the same time. In this type of situation, it is usually a matter of a really good child trained psychiatrist, working through one medication combination after another, until she has a good response. It is not uncommon in this type of case, for it to take several years to come up with a good psychiatric medication plan. Obviously, medications must be mixed with other modalities like family therapy and individual counseling. I have one suggestion, after reading about your situation. Ask your psychiatrist about doing a formal consultation with a psychopharmacologist to see what he or she recommends. I know this situation has to be exhausting and very trying your you, your daughter and the rest of the family. This very complicated type of situation usually takes longer to find workable solutions. Do not give up hope.