How can I stop premature ejaculation? Just when it's getting good I feel like I can't hold it I try but I always end up coming before I want to sometimes we stop having sex for a few seconds then start again but thats not really working either what can I

Stop-start. One of the man psychological techniques for premature ejaculation is the stop-start technique. When a man feels that he is getting close to ejaculating, he either slows down, pauses, or changes position. There are also medications that may help and there is couples therapy.
Here . Here are a couple of techniques which might be helpful. Usually wearing a condom reduces sensation and thus can slow your time until ejaculation. The stop and start technique involves allowing yourself to become very stimulated and then stopping all stimulation. Often after 30 seconds or so, the intense feeling that you need to ejaculate diminishes. You can then resume intercourse. If you only stop thrusting for a few seconds, that is likely not an adequate period. You may or may not need to remove your penis from your wife’s vagina and this may need to be repeated several times. A third technique involves gently putting pressure on the end of the shaft of the penis until the urge to ejaculate decreases. You can resume intercourse at that point. I hope these tips are of benefit to you.