No fluid present in the subacromial subdeltoid bursa moderate edema seen along the fibers of the infraspinatus muscle? What does that mean. This was due to a auto accident 2 yrs ago.

This . This appears to be from a MRI report. It is best to discuss the findings with the treating physician, who has had a chance to take a full history and examine you. These findings sound unremarkable in isolation. The comment on fluid is usually looking for inflammation in the bursae. If there is no significant signal of increased fluid, it is unremarkable. The edema in the infraspinatus muscle may be some fluid signal with no clinical significance. Most people with rotator cuff problems have tearing of the supraspinatus muscle first, with extension into the infraspinatus only for larger tears. The "edema" may also be normal for your age. Of note, most rotator cuff tears are degenerative and not related to a specific injury, again depending on your age. Again, clinical correlation is always best and you should go over the study with your physician.
Edema . Edema means swelling or inflammation. I agree that an MRI report in a vacuum really means nothing.