2 questions:can I now start using neosporin on my scar? What do you think of trying to conceive 6 months after open heartsurgery? I am 24 years old and I had open heart surgery called the ross procedure on november 2nd, 2011 due to my bicuspid aortic valve

2 answers. There is no real benefit to applying neosporin, vitamin e, mederma, etc to your scar. It is advisable to use sun block when outside. Pregnancy is certainly possible after a ross procedure but should be carefully monitored by your cardiologist and obstetrician. Remember, even after successful heart surgery, you require lifelong monitoring by a cardiologist.
Congratulations . Congratulations on your successful surgery - now without a murmur! there's no reason you can't use an ointment on your scar, though i doubt neosporin would be of any significant benefit. Some people use vitamin E ointments on their scars, but there is no real evidence of it being of long term benefit. My biggest recommendation is to avoid any lateral tension on the incision to prevent the scar from spreading. For this you should have a well fitted brassiere. There is no reason you shouldn't be ready to try and conceive six months after your surgery as long as the healing and recovery processes are proceeding normally.
I SEE NO PROBLEM. Many heart conditions require antibiotic prophylaxis. Neosporin is a topical antibiotic that unless your heart doctor prohibits, will protec your wound of being infected and speed up the healilng process.

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Is open heart surgery the only way to address discrete subaortic stenoisis (membrane behind the aortic valve? Are there alternatives?

Subaortic stenosis. Can be congenital or acquired at different ages. You must have a cardiologist and have regular ECHOS. The SAS, usually is muscular cardiomyopathy, which narrows the tunnel for the blood to go through the valve. as the resistance increases, is indication for surgery . Cure of fixed subaortic stenosis (SAS) remains a surgical challenge. Read more...

I had open heart surgery to replace my auortic valve. Now they are saying I have cystic medial necrosis. Does this mean I have marfans?

Possibly. One of the features of marfans (a disorder of abnormal collagen tissue formation) is cystic medial necrosis, leading to abnormal tissue within the layers of the aorta which can lead to anneurysm formation of the aorta (a risk for regurgitation, rupture, and dissection). When such an aortic root measures more than 50 mm in diameter, these risks increase and require aortic root repair +/- avr if ai. Read more...
Not necessarily . Cmn is an inherited disorder that increases the chance if developing aneurysms and dissections of the aorta and other large vessels. It is a disease of what we call connective tissues. It is often found associated with marfan's but can also be seen in patients with ehlers-danlos syndrome and annuloaortic ectasia. Read more...