How long does it take to get a new dental implant? How long does the whole process of getting a new dental implant (after loss of tooth) takes?

Variable. Many different possibilities. We often extract the tooth and place the implant at the same time. We will also place a temporary tooth on the implant during this procedure in many cases. Usually 12 - 16 weeks later we can make impressions for the final restoration. So, using this scenario, immediate placement and 4 months to restoration. Cannot always do this technique and it may be 6 - 9 months.
Dental Implants. Sometimes a dental implant can be placed at the same appointment that the tooth is removed. In 2-4 months the final restoration can be placed on the implant. Other times after a tooth is removed, the site needs to heal (even if you have a bone graft or not) for 2-4 months, then the implant is placed then you need to wait 2-4 months to have the restoration placed. So in short anywhere from 2-8 m.
Time frame. It depends upon a number of factors. Start to finish ranges from one month to one year. Factors are available bone, upper or lower tooth, and preferences of surgeon and restorative dentist.
Situations Differ. The actual surgical placement of a dental implant in an ideal site takes about 30 minutes, about 3-4 months for the implant to integrate to the bone and at that point the final restoration can be fabricated. In special circumstances implants can be placed at the time of the tooth extraction (w/bone graft) and occasionally even have a temporary crown placed on for esthetics, but not function.
The . The process time can vary, but in general if your tooth has already been extracted and the site has healed and has sufficient bone, then it is usually 3-4 months for an implant to integrate with the bone on the lower jaw and 4-6 months on the top. While the implant's fusing with the bone you will probably have a temporary plastic-like (acrylic) retainer (flipper) to replace the missing tooth for esthetic reasons. After your implant integrates your dentist will take an impression of it and send it to the lab. The lab will make a tooth (crown) to put on your implant that you'll get a couple of weeks later and that is the finished product. This process also depends upon your schedule and the schedule of your dentist. Hope that's helpful!
Hard to say. Length of total procedure depends on the tooth being removed, whether or not bone grafting is needed, and what type of bone grafting is indicated. If the tooth is gone already, and no bone grafting is needed, it can take 3-6 months for the implant to heal, followed by another month to restore the implant (place a crown on top of it). Keep smiling.
It depends. It depends on a few things...How did you loose the tooth? Was there an abscess? Do you have adequate bone? Do you have any health management issues like diabetes or the use of medications like fosomax or coumadin (warfarin)? These will all impact the time required for the replacement of a tooth with an implant. In most cases, 4-8 mons, but it can be longer.
Depends. Depends whether there is enough available bone in terms of height and width to place a dental implant. Otherwise the bone needs to be repaired to improve the height and width bone.
It . It takes about 3-4 months for the implant to fuse with bone and become stable. More info here: http://www.Brentwoodsmile.Com/dentalimplants.Aspx.
It . It takes 3-4 months of healing after losing a tooth. Hopefully the extraction site was bone grafted. The implant is placed into the jaw bone replacing the root portion of the tooth. The implant top is typically at bone level and most surgeons today place a healing cap to extend just slightly above the gum level. You must wait for 2-6 months depending on bone quality before the restorative dentist can add the crown. Once he takes an impression the lab will make a crown to fit the implant and the dentist will place the crown. Usually the lab takes 1-3 weeks. Be sure and have close follow up to check your bite and regular dental care thereafter!
Variable times. Every case is different and each dentist has their own protocol and preferences. It can vary from immediately placement of an implant fixture upon removal of a tooth with immediate loading of a provisional or permanent restoration, to 6 to 9 months from beginning to end. Personally, except in very special circumstances, i prefer the more time consuming approach, one successful step at a time.