How do I increase circulation in my lower legs? From my knee below in my lower leg it feels like I'm lacking some circulation. They get tingling. Could it be a weight issue? I weigh 258 and 5'7 and sit all day at work. It scares me because does this mean

Tingling . Tingling in the legs can be caused by decreased inflow of blood through the arteries, decreased outflow of blood through the veins, or problems with the nervous system. You haven't specified your age, sex, or other information, so it's hard to know how likely each of these causes is. However, you have indicated a weight problem, and being overweight does predispose to diabetes. Diabetes, in turn, can cause a condition called peripheral neuropathy that classically involves the hands and feet. It sounds like you should see a doctor and be evaluated. None of the conditions i've mentioned is likely to cause an immediate problem, but over time could cause you to lose your legs or develop blood clots. By the way: if you do get clots, they will not go to your brain; unless you have unusual anatomy, they will instead wind up in your lungs, which can also be pretty bad.
Start . Start loosing some weight and get out of the chair and exercise. Try walking and swimming. Stretch regularly. Get control of your life.