Acai pills is there a side effect to taking too many acai pills per day? Are they actually good in weight loss? Thanks

The. The acai berry is a fruit from acai trees in brazii. Like other fruits, if you eat too much of it at a time you could develop nausea, diarrhea or an uncomfortable stomach. The acai berry is reported to contain caffeine (although some contend it doesn’t), so if you ingested a lot it might cause a headache or insomnia. Someone with an anxiety disorder may not respond well to large amounts of caffeine. Because you are taking acai in the form of a pill, it could have additives. There is always the possibility of a food allergy. Acai berries are reported to help people with weight loss — I do not know the efficacy of the berry. However, the best way to be healthy is to eat a healthy balanced diet and to get regular aerobic activity.