Is it normal for a 6 year old to sweat and cough, after being sick? My 6 year old was sick with bronchitis, bad fever cough, now that she is doing better, no fever, still coughing, and having cold sweats at night, is that normal should I worry?

Usually . Usually after a bout of pneumonia or bronchitis, the cough is the last symptom to disappear - occasionally taking weeks to resolve. As long as her cough is continuing to improve, then it most likely is ok. If her cough is worsening or if she is having any difficulty breathing, then you will want to contact her doctor right away. The cold sweats may or may not be concerning - is she still having fever at night and the sweats are when it breaks? If you are noticing a pattern to when she has these, you may want to take her temperature prior to the sweat to make sure she's still not having fever - that would be a reason to see her doctor right away. As long as her fever is gone and her cough is improving, i'd say you were on the right track. If you have any specific questions about her symptoms or treatment, give her doc a call. Good luck!