My left pinky feels numb, what can I do to make it feel normal again? I my left pinky feels numb and awkward.. This happens often, and it eventually regains feeling, but it is very uncomfortable, and i'd like to know if there's a way to make the numbness

The . The most likely cause for your symptoms is an ulnar neuropathy at the elbow. This means that the ulnar nerve (the "funny bone" nerve) is irritated, stretched or compressed in the area around the elbow. Sometimes, merely keeping the elbow fairly straight can help. Some patients use an elbow brace at night to prevent too much elbow flexion. If your activities cause you to apply a lot of pressure to your elbows (such as crawling on the elbows), an elbow pad could help. Most important would be an evaluation by a hand specialist. The specialist would likely obtain electrodiagnositc studies (emg/ncs) to test the status of the ulnar nerve. Additional treatment would then depend on the test results and your physical examination findings. There can be other causes for your symptoms as well, less likely, so a proper diagnosis is critical.
As . As the other 2 physicians here have noted, these symptoms are typical of compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow, also known as cubital tunnel syndrome. Most patients do well with activity modification and therapy to move the nerve through its tunnel. However, about 3-4 times a year, i will see someone with rapidly progressive weakness in the hand. The nerve can be slow to recover or regrow and the hand can become permanently weakened if not treated appropriately. Often these patients have wasted precious time thinking the symptoms will go away. You should have the nerve assessed. If there are no muscle problems, then non-operative treatment works well. If the nerve is "in trouble" and the muscles are weak, my approach is to release the nerve early to get as much recovery as possible.
If . If you are flexing your elbow and your little finger goes numb this can br a sign of compression of the ulnar nerve at your elbow. You mention that holding your hand down helps this may serve to straighten your elbow and lessen the effect of the compression from elbow flexion. Try to see if you are perhaps resting your elbow or forearm on a desk or table and causing symptoms. At other times in your elbow is flexed when you are lying down in bed to can cause symptoms too. The ulnar verve supplies sensation to the little and half of the ring finger, as well as the top of your hand on the little finger side i. If it is compressed at the elbow you may notice that the top of your hand on the little finger side is involved too. If the compression is solely at your wrist the top of the hand will not be involved. Other causes of tingling in the hand are compression of nerve at your neck or shoulder. Sometimes local compression of the nerves at the bad of the finger accompanying conditions such as arthritis or trigger finger can make the finger feel numb too finally circulation to the finger can affect circulation too.