What kind of doctor do I need? I am a 27-years old guy. I live in fremont (seattle) and work downtown seattle. I have good health insurance. My current doctor is in kent, and I need to find a new provider....I have add, and have been perscribed aderol for

If . If add is the only problem and you have been stable on the same medication on the same dosage for a while, then usually this can be followed by a general or family practice physician. However, there are some general and family physicians who do not prescribe psychotropic medications. So, as you are looking for your new doctor, inquire as to whether he or she is willing to prescribe simple (not requiring multiple psychiatric medications) psychiatric medications. Good luck.
There's . There's no way for me (or anyone else who's not familiar w/seattle's neighborhoods) to be able to tell you who's adderall-friendly and who isn't. But whenever you need a new physician, referrals are always a great way to start. In other words, find out from friends, family, colleagues, church or other social group members who they like (and don't like). Of course, you should also check w/your insurance company to determine who takes your insurance (since that's a major determinant for many patients, even more so than skill & experience! unfortunately). You can also look for physicians who are board certified in some specific specialty, eg family medicine (over 600 listed by abfm in seattle, wa). Or try checking with that specialty's association, eg washington academy of family physicians. After all that, you'll still need to interview a few to find one with whom you have good rapport. Good luck!