I beleive I have damaged my lungs by breathing in some cleaning chemicals. What can I do about this horrible coughing fit? I was clleaning my toilet and mixed some bleach with toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and went to wipe it out and inhaled the fume

I . I really wish i had seen your question earlier, so that i could have responded to it immediately. It sounds like you did damage your lungs. I do not know if the damage is temporary. Mixing bleach with some toilet bowl cleaners can produce chlorine gas. To get an idea of how dangerous chlorine is, it has been used as a chemical warfare agent. Bleach mixed with ammonia is especially dangerous because it can create monochloramine or dichloramine (chloramine gases). You won’t see the gases in the air and you might not smell them because of the aroma of the chemicals you are using. It is usually unwise to mix cleaning chemicals because there could be chemical reactions that releases toxic gases. Anytime you are cleaning a toilet with a chemical product that can be toxic (yes that includes most cleaning products), the windows should be open and the fans should be on. If you come into contact with gases that cause you to cough or experience burning, get fresh air as quickly as possible. Depending on how severely you are impacted, do not hesitate to call 911. I do recommend that you be seen at your emergency room, especially if you have lingering symptoms.
RADS. Reactive airways dysfunction syndrome (rads) a type of lung injury from inhaling a high level of irritant such chlorine or ammonia. It can cause airway inflammation and symptoms of asthma. The "twitchy" airways may last for months to years. It would be prudent to see a lung specialist for treatment (asthma meds) and ongoing monitoring.