I got hit in the had with a flag yesterday at colorguard practice and haven't felt well since, do I have a concussion? I had to leave school today becuase I couldnt concentrate and felt dizzy and sick, but I am aware enough to type this. I feel very naseo

Not necessarily. Dizziness can be a part of post-concussion syndrome. If your dizziness, headaches or any other symptoms worsen, it would be good to be re-evaluated. Your brain needs complete rest after a concussion.
You . You might have a concussion. Since you are still feeling sick after being hit on the head, it might be a good idea for your parents to have you checked by a doctor. Some common symptoms from concussions can include having a headache, nausea and sometimes vomiting, blurred vision, confusion, memory problems and loss of consciousness right after the injury. I hope you feel better soon. Good luck.