Do they use laser in the u.S. To get rid of arthro fibrosis of the knee I had a total knee replacement 22 months ago and still have pain and limited mobility and was told by a p.T. That in australia they use lasers to get rid of scar tissue.

Probably. Current evidence is that arthroscopic treatment for post knee replacement stiffness is at best an unpredictable treatment. Once other causes such as infection, loosening and instability have been ruled out the patient may have to decide if the stiffness and pain are bad enough to have the surgery redone.
The . The stiffness to the knee is either a mechanical problem with the prosthesis such as overstuffing or adhesions of the vastus intermedius which is one of the four muscle segments of the quadriceps. The etiology of the problem should be identified and addressed. Laser was widely used or at least it had a big push in this country some 15 to 20 years ago. Quite candidly the australian story is a tall tale.