Annoying eyes, what can I do about twitching muscles near my eye? I woke up this am with the muscles in my my eyelid twitching. It has been about 4 hours and they are still doing it. Other people don't see it, but it is annoying and distracting. I had

You . You most likely have myokymia. Very common and typically not serious, but annoying and distracting as you describe. Triggers that can bring it on include; caffeine, lack of sleep and stress. In other words, life! in all seriousness, it is usually nothing to worry about. Usually comes and goes on its own. If you develop other symptoms or the twitching becomes significantly more frequent or constant, please visit your doctor for a check up.
Eye . Eye lid twitching is almost always associated with stress and can be made worse because of eye irritation. Tear drops can help with the irritation and then it is a good idea to decrease your stress or channel your stress in other ways. Exercise can be a great way to decrease stress.
If . If this is occuring in one eye then it is myokymia, but if it occurs in both eye then it is blepharospasm. They are both a benign condition consisting of episodic contractions of muscles surrounding your eye. The treatment consists of rest and refraining from caffeine. Both mental and physical stress can be a trigger for these conditions.