Can this be munchausen by proxy syndrome? If a child who is 14 1/2 years old whos doctor says she is in excellent health both physically and mentally with the mother and custody change and now father says in his custody the child is stress, depress, bulim

As . As I have reviewed questions that are posted, it looks like there are a number of questions from bothell, wa with the same theme. If you are the author, it is clear that you are feeling very worried and upset by the situation. Child custody situations can become very messy. One parent may accuse the other parent of misdeeds and vice versa. Frankly, it is very difficult to make a diagnosis of munchausen by proxy. In this condition which is not-common, the issues usually center on a medical condition or conditions. On the other hand, it is quite common in the context of child custody battles for parents to make accusations about bad parenting. I recommend that you speak with your lawyer about how best to approach this complicated issue since you feel that the jdge and the counselor do not understand the situation.
Impossible to say. Without talking to the child. Kids can hide a lot from parents, doctors ; others. Even worse when parents are in conflict ; put the child in the middle. Might be helpful to get an independent 3rd opinion from an in-person professional visit to a qualified therapist. A dental visit might also reveal enamel erosion if the child is using vomiting.