Is there a difference between psychotic depression and schizophrenia?

Yes. Mainly treatment and outcome. In schizophrenia, disordered thinking (psychotic thinking/hallucinations) is a major symptom; in depression, psychosis (mainly delusions/paranoia) is serious but not common. Psychosis of depression can clear with only depression meds, antipsychotics are a must in schizophrenia. Antipsychotics in depression can help clear it. Schizophrenia is harder to treat overall.
Yes. Schizophrenia is characterized by psychoses present for most of a 1-month period and may or may not involve depression at the same time. Psychotic depression involves signs of depression and psychosis during the same 2-week period that does not meet the criteria for a mixed episode, frank depression, schizophrenia, etc.
Yes. In psychotic depression any break with reality would occur during a severe depression. Schizophrenia entails six months of symptoms and significantly impairs functioning in order to make the diagnosis. Symptoms may include hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech and behavior etc. Someone with schizophrenia can become depressed but the psychosis would not occur only during the depression.

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What is the difference between psychotic depression, regular depression and schizophrenia?

Symptoms. "regular depression" is major depression without psychosis. Psychotic depression is major depression with psychosis. Both of these illnesses are disturbances of mood and the mood symptoms predated the psychotic symptoms. Schizophrenia is a thought disorder which may have some mood symptoms, but the psychotic symptoms precede the mood symptoms. Still pretty confusing, yes?
Major symptoms. "regular depression" refers to sustained depressed or irritable mood & changes in sleep, appetite, & energy level, maybe suicidality. Sometimes, with severe depression, people have hallucinations or delusions, e.g., "my body is rotting." they typically come after the depression starts and relate to depression. Schizophrenia is the hallucinations and delusoins without prominent depressive sxs.

Can you please tell me how psychotic depression and schizophrenia differ?

Differences. With psychotic depression the psychotic symptoms only appear when the person is in a depressed episode. Schizophrenia is more of a thought disorder with symptoms such as hallucinations, disorganized thoughts, delusions and paranoia. Having a depressed mood is not a requirement for a schizophrenia diagnosis.

Is schizophrenia sometimes misdiagnosed as psychotic depression and vice versa?

Differential dx. When faced with uncertainty whether a diagnosis is either schizophrenia or major depression with psychosis (or schizoaffective disorder) a good clinician will always have a differential diagnosis. The subsequent course of the illness, previous history, and other details will help refine the diagnosis.

What is the difference between schizophrenia and a severe depression with psychotic features?

Dep. Vs. Schiz. Depression with psychosis shows psychotic symptoms that are congruent with the mood, ex. Hearing voices saying bad things about them. Schizophrenia is non-congruent or bizarre hallucinations such as voices of aliens discussing the person between each other, or bizarre delusions, while in depression the delusions are negative or derogatory, etc.
Psychosis. Is the common symptom, but the causes and the progression are very different. Depression with psychosis can resolve and may never recur, but schizophrenia is a chronic illness.

What is the specific difference between psychotic depression and schizoaffective?

Psychosis timing. For those with major depression with psychosis, the key is that the psychotic symptoms never persist after the depression goes away. Schizoaffective disorder results in psychotic symptoms occurring without and independent of depressive symptoms as well as with them.

Is schizophrenia a worse form of depression with psychotic features?

No. Schizoprenia is a seperate condition. It is not the same as depression with psychotic features.
No. But it can be a challenge to tell for sure at a single point in time.
No. Depression with psychotic features is a break with reality that occurs during a severe depression. Schizophrenia entails six months of symptoms that significantly impair functioning, are not due to drug use or another mental illness, including depression. Symptoms may include hallucinations, delusions (fixed beliefs that aren't true), disorganized speech and behavior, lack of drive and emotion etc.

Can you tell me if depression becomeworst can it become schizophrenia or psychotic disorder?

Not really. Depression and schizophrenia are separate illnesses. Severe depression can have psychotic symptoms as part of the symptomatology. However, this is not all that common. It is much more likely that with mild and moderate depression you will not have psychotic symptoms such as hallucinations or delusions. However, depression is a serious illness and you should get help if you are depressed.

Can you please tell me how schizophrenia and severe depression with psychotic features differ?

Timeline Difference. Schizophrenia is disturbance in thought (2 or more of the following: delusions, disorganized behavior or speech, hallucinations, flat affect) that has persisted over 6 months. Major depressive disorder with psychotic features includes signs of depression present for at least 2 weeks, along with episode (s) (that often resolve in a short time period) of psychosis.
Underlying nature. Schizophrenia is chronic condition with impaired capacity to tell between reality /fantasy (delusions/hallucinations). It's recurrent, tends to progressive deterioration of baseline function. Depression can be so severe to cause break in reality testing - for example, beliefs world is ending, delusional worthlessness, etc. It is not usually recurrent and appropriately treated, resolves fully.
Main differences. In major depression: psychosis gets resolved as you treat depression. In contrast, you will see psychotic symptoms regarldless of mood symptoms in schizophrenia spectrum problems.
Schizo vs depression. Depression with psychosis have above all, all t he symptoms of depression + psychotic features in which the auditive hallucination can be [usually] much milder and duration of each hearing much shorter, less clearly heard, much less affecting the sick person [other sx are also as mild in visual or paranoia-delusions]. Schizo sx. Are long lasting, can be all day, severely affecting the person.
Psychosis is a. Symptom that can happen in a number of illnesses including infections and sleep depravation. And yes, it can occur in serious depressions as well. The difference is that once the depression resolves, functioning is fully restored while schizophrenia is a chronic, relapsing illness.