After my cataract surgery I had 2 streaks when I look at any lights at night, my doctor did a yag laser to get rid of the strea none

Post Cat Surgery. Common Post Cataract Surgery Issues: need for glasses still; need YAG laser due to PCO (Posterior Capsular Opacification: happens in 10-25% of patients): YAG laser helps decrease glare/streaks of light patients notice from PCO; more info at:
Most . Most likely due to reflection off the lens implant--not a yag issues usually. Have your doctor look again to make sure that the opening is big enough to maximize your vision and minimize glare.
There . There are usually 3 possible causes of streaks of light after cataract surgery. Most often, little folds or stria in the membrane that holds the implant can bend light. The yag laser creates an opening in the capsule and eliminates these stria. If that doesn't work, then the next step is to look for uncorrected astigmatism. (an explanation of astigmatism is available here: http://www.2020vision.Com/refractive_error.Html) if that is present, then glasses, contact lenses, or astigmatism surgery may help. If both of these are ruled out, then you may be one of the patients who just gets a glare effect because of the fact that you have a lens implant in your eye. This is unusual, and is difficult to fix.
Yagging . Yagging the posterior capsule is common after cataract surgeries and you possibly had reflection off of naturally occurring folds in the the capsule.
Streaks. These streaks may be due to residual prescription, corneal irregularity, lens implant abnormality, vitreous opacities, retinal abnormality, or some other issue. See an eye doctor for further evaluation.
YAG . Yag laser after cataract surgery is relatively common procedure to eliminate glare or streaks. It is done to remove the posterior capsule that holds the new lens implant.